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Beaucoups of Blues

Beaucoups of Blues

Beaucoups of Blues is the second studio album by the English rock musician and former Beatle Ringo Starr. It was released in September 1970, five months after his debut solo album, Sentimental Journey. However, Beaucoups of Blues is very far removed in style from its pop-based predecessor, relying on country and western influences. Still, like its predecessor, the album proved a moderate commercial success, reaching Billboard's number 35 slot on the Country Albums chart and number 65 on the Billboard 200 chart.[1]

During Ringo Starr's tenure with the Beatles he had dabbled with country music: the band covered the country song "Act Naturally", and Starr co-wrote the country-influenced track "What Goes On" and wrote the country song "Don't Pass Me By".[2] While playing on sessions for George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, Starr – a long-time country and western fan – met Pete Drake,[3][4] in May 1970.[5] Starr had to pick up Drake from the airport so that the pair could record with Harrison; Drake noticed the number of country albums Starr had in his vehicle.[6] Realising Drake's deep connection to country, Starr asked him if they could collaborate on an album together.[2] Drake told Starr his musician friends could compose more than an album's worth of material in a week, which Starr thought was "impossible".[3][7] Starr was very keen and agreed. Starr promptly flew to Nashville on 22 June.[2]

  • Artist : Ringo Starr
  • Genre : Beatles
  • Publication date : 1970
  • Label : Apple Records
  • Format : 12" Vinyl
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  • 12 pistes 0:00
    1 Beaucoups of Blues 0:00
    2 Love Don’t Last Long 0:00
    3 Fastest Growing Heartache In The West 0:00
    4 Without Her 0:00
    5 Woman of the Night 0:00
    6 I’d be Talking all the Time 0:00
    7 $15 Draw 0:00
    8 Wine, Women and Loud Happy Songs 0:00
    9 I Wouldn’t Have You Any Other Way 0:00
    10 Loser’s Lounge 0:00
    11 Waiting 0:00
    12 Silent Homecoming 0:00