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In Flight

In Flight

1984 In Flight (tracks from "Japanese Tears")
with Paul McCartney

Japanese Tears
In January 1980, Wings planned a tour of Japan. However, upon the band's arrival at the airport in Japan, Paul McCartney was arrested for marijuana possession. The tour was cancelled, and McCartney then decided to release a solo album (McCartney II) instead of touring, putting Wings on hiatus.

Laine decided to work on his own solo project (his third since joining Wings), and he released a single, "Japanese Tears". It became the title track of his album.

The album also included three previously unreleased Laine compositions—"Send Me The Heart" (co-written by Paul McCartney), "I Would Only Smile", and "Weep for Love"—that had been recorded by different versions of Wings between 1972 and 1978 with Laine singing lead. In addition, it featured remakes of the Moody Blues' 1965 hit "Go Now", which Laine and Wings performed on tour, and a 1967 Laine composition, "Say You Don't Mind", that had become a top-20 UK hit in 1972 for Colin Blunstone. Two other songs featured the short-lived Denny Laine Band, which included fellow Wings member Steve Holley on drums, Andy Richards on keyboards and Laine's wife Jo Jo on backing vocals.[1]

This album has been re-issued several times, under a variety of titles, on an assortment of labels.

  • Artist : Denny Laine
  • Genre : Pop, Beatles
  • Publication date : 1984
  • Label : Breakaway
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  • Format : 12" Vinyl
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  • 14 pistes 47:10
    1 Somebody Ought to Know the Way 3:15
    2 Lovers Light 2:30
    3 Guess I'm Only Foolin' 2:30
    4 Nothing to Go By 3:09
    5 I Would Only Smile 3:20
    6 Weep for Love 4:33
    7 Say You Don't Mind 3:10
    8 Japanese Tears 4:42
    9 Danger Zone 3:03
    10 Clock on the Wall 2:17
    11 Send Me the Heart 3:39
    12 Same Mistakes 3:43
    13 Silver 3:59
    14 Go Now 3:20