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Back To The Roots

Back To The Roots

Back to the Roots is a 1971 double album by John Mayall released on Polydor.[2] Recording sessions took place both in California and London where Mayall invited some former members of his band, notably guitarists Eric Clapton and Mick Taylor. At the end of the 1980s Mayall remixed some tracks and issued them along with some of the older material as Archives to Eighties. An expanded two-CD version of Back to the Roots now includes both the original and later remixed versions of the tracks.

Besides Mayall, who sang and played piano and guitar, the musicians who recorded the original tracks were:

Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Harvey Mandel and Jerry McGee on guitars;
Larry Taylor and Steven Thompson on bass;
Keef Hartley and Paul Lagos on drums;
Johnny Almond on saxophone and flute.
For Archives to Eighties Mayall recorded new bass and drums tracks played by Bobby Haynes and Joe Yuele.

For this double-LP recorded in November 1970, John Mayall gathered together prominent musicians who had played in his bands during the past several years, including Sugarcane Harris, Eric Clapton, Johnny Almond, Harvey Mandel, Keef Hartley, and Mick Taylor. Mayall's compositions aren't all that impressive, but the sidemen frequently shine, especially Clapton. Back to the Roots hit number 52 in the U.S. and number 31 in the U.K.

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  • Artist : John Mayall Blues Breakers
  • Genre : Blues
  • Publication date : 1971
  • Label : Polydor
  • Compositor : Error : unknown field
  • Producer : Error : unknown field
  • Format : 2×12" Vinyl
  • Origin : Meneer Van Ulden
  • Location : Error : unknown field
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  • 18 pistes 1:32:40
    01 Prisons on the Road 4:16
    02 My Children 5:08
    03 Accidental Suicide 6:15
    04 Groupie Girl 3:52
    05 Blue Fox 3:41
    06 Home Again 4:55
    07 Television Eye 7:31
    08 Marriage Madness 3:34
    09 Looking at Tomorrow 6:53
    10 Dream With Me 5:19
    11 Full Speed Ahead 5:20
    12 Mr. Censor Man 4:42
    13 Force of Nature 6:32
    14 Boogie Albert 2:16
    15 Goodbye December 5:23
    16 Unanswered Questions 4:40
    17 Devil’s Tricks 7:45
    18 Travelling 4:38