(I Can't Get No Satisfaction) Satisfaction <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Satisfaction.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1965</li> <li>Duration : 0:00</li> <li>Origin : Frank</li> <li>Label : Decca</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 14/02/2019</li> <li>Comments : Before Decca Netherlands pressed their own records: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, ''export'' discs, pressed in the UK were used, with the same as (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, the regular UK pressing, but with the ''Dutch'' B-side. The matrix number in the run-off vinyl for the B-side shows the ''export'' prefix XDRF.<br /> The picture sleeve was the same as the later Dutch issue, including the spelling error ''assistent''.<br /> The label shows ''Made in England'' at 11 o'clock.</li> </ul> <p>A, Satisfaction (I Can't Get No Satisfaction), 0:00, B, The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man, 0:00</p> Rock Blues Rock Close Personal Friend <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RobertJohnson-close.png&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : Robert Johnson</li> <li>Publication date : 1978</li> <li>Duration : 39:56</li> <li>Origin : Kringloop</li> <li>Label : Mercury Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 21/01/2019</li> <li>Comments : Timing is everything, but it wasn't Robert Johnson's best friend. Sweeping out of the Rolling Stones' shopping list when they were searching for Mick Taylor's replacement, Johnson (whose very name should have landed him the job) was one of the hottest rock &amp; roll guitarists of the mid-'70s, bluesy and bruising, street smart and sharp, and a gritty songwriter, too. <br /> But one glance at his debut album and you have him pegged for another new waver, just one more in that long line of quirky power poppers who emerged from the post-Costello '70s and were soundly dismissed on the spot. <br /> Which leaves Close Personal Friend in that awkward space somewhere between the classic it is and the bargain-bin regular it became. <br /> Too soulful for the skinny-tie brigade but too confusing for everyone who should have loved it, Close Personal Friend features ten stunning rockers that dance on the brittlest edge of American roots, and if any album of that era demands rediscovery, this is it.</li> </ul> <p>01, I'll Be Waiting, 4:45, 02, Wish Upon a Star, 4:59, 03, Guide My Energy, 4:29, 04, Say Girl, 2:58, 05, Responsibility, 3:50, 06, Kerri, 2:51, 07, Leslie, 4:11, 08, Wreck My Mind, 4:09, 09, Debbie's Theme, 3:59, 10, Tell Me About It, Slim, 3:41</p> Blues Rock Spotlight On <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Yardbirds_Spotlight.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : Yardbirds</li> <li>Publication date : 1974</li> <li>Duration : 0:00</li> <li>Origin : Meneer Van Ulden</li> <li>Label : Charly Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 30/06/2018</li> <li>Comments : From their beginnings in 1962–1963 until their breakup in 1968, the Yardbirds released one studio album, one live album, nine singles, and two EPs in their native United Kingdom (a second live album with the Yardbirds serving as a back-up band for Sonny Boy Williamson II and a soundtrack album for which they contributed one song were also released during this period). As was the practice in the UK at the time, the Yardbirds' singles (except one) and their first EP were not released on albums. In the US (where albums included singles), the Yardbirds released an additional two albums, a second studio album, a greatest hits album, and four additional singles. Demos for two songs recorded in 1963 were later released as a single in the Netherlands and Germany[1] and a single recorded for the Italian market was released during this period.[2]<br /> <br /> Since their breakup in 1968, a number of new albums have appeared. Besides numerous compilations, albums featuring additional live recordings and various demos and outtakes from 1963–1968 have been released. Since 1999, several recordings by the reconstituted Yardbirds have been released.[3]</li> </ul> <p>01, For Your Love, 2:27, 02, Evil Hearted You, 2:25, 03, I'm Not Talking, 2:33, 04, Steeled Blues, 2:38, 05, I'm A Man, 2:37, 06, I Wish You Would, 2:17, 07, My Girl Sloopy, 5:37, 08, Heart Full Of Soul, 2:28, 09, Still I'm Sad, 3:00, 10, Shapes Of Things, 2:25, 11, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, 2:45, 12, New York City Blues, 4:17, 13, Mr. You're A Better Man Than I, 3:18, 14, Got To Hurry, 2:20</p> Blues Blues Rock Dire Straits <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=DireStraits-Dire_Straits.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : Dire Straits</li> <li>Publication date : 1978</li> <li>Duration : 41:59</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Vertigo</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Muff Winwood</li> <li>Added by : 11/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Dire Straits is the debut studio album by the British rock band Dire Straits released on 7 October 1978 by Vertigo Records internationally and by Warner Bros. Records in the United States.[1][2] The album produced the hit single &quot;Sultans of Swing&quot;, which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 8 on the UK Singles Chart. The album reached #1 on album charts in Germany, Australia and France, #2 in the United States and #5 in the United Kingdom. Dire Straits was later certified double-platinum in both the United States and the United Kingdom.</li> </ul> <p>1, Down to the Waterline, 4:01, 2, Water of Love, 5:26, 3, Setting Me Up, 3:19, 4, Six Blade Knife, 4:12, 5, Southbound Again, 2:59, 6, Sultans of Swing, 5:52, 7, In the Gallery, 6:19, 8, Wild West End, 4:43, 9, Lions, 5:07</p> Blues Rock Pop Rock Emotional Rescue <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Emotional_Rescue.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1980</li> <li>Duration : 41:17</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Rolling Stones Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 10/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Emotional Rescue is the 15th British and 17th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1980. Upon release, it topped the charts in both the US and UK.<br /> <br /> Recorded throughout 1979, first in Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas, then Pathé Marconi, Paris, with some end-of-year overdubbing in New York City at The Hit Factory, Emotional Rescue was the first Rolling Stones album recorded following Keith Richards' exoneration from a Toronto drugs charge that could have landed him in jail for years. Fresh from the revitalisation of Some Girls (1978), Richards and Mick Jagger led the Stones through dozens of new songs, some of which were held over for Tattoo You (1981), picking only ten for Emotional Rescue.<br /> <br /> Several of the tracks on the album featured just the core Rolling Stones band members: Jagger, Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, and Bill Wyman. On others, they were joined by keyboardists Nicky Hopkins and co-founder Ian Stewart, sax player Bobby Keys and harmonica player Sugar Blue.<br /> <br /> Songs left off the album would find their way onto the next album, Tattoo You (&quot;Black Limousine&quot;, &quot;Hang Fire&quot;, &quot;Little T&amp;A&quot;, and &quot;No Use in Crying&quot;). &quot;Think I'm Going Mad&quot;, another song from the sessions, was released as the B-side to &quot;She Was Hot&quot; in 1984. A cover song sung by Richards: &quot;We Had It All&quot;, was released on the 2011 deluxe Some Girls package.</li> </ul> <p>1, Dance, 4:23, 2, Summer Romance, 3:16, 3, Send It to Me, 3:43, 4, Let Me Go, 3:52, 5, Indian Girl, 4:23, 6, Where the Boys Go, 3:28, 7, Down in the Hole, 3:58, 8, Emotional Rescue, 5:39, 9, She’s So Cold, 4:13, 10, All About You, 4:19</p> Blues Rock Brothers in Arms <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=DireStraits-Brothers_in_Arms.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : Dire Straits</li> <li>Publication date : 1985</li> <li>Duration : 47:35</li> <li>Origin : Tom</li> <li>Label : Vertigo</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 10/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Brothers in Arms is the fifth studio album by the British rock band Dire Straits, released on 13 May 1985 by Vertigo Records internationally, and by Warner Bros. Records in the United States. It charted at number one worldwide, spending 10 weeks at number one on the UK Albums Chart (between 18 January and 22 March 1986), nine weeks at number one on the Billboard 200 in the United States, and 34 weeks at number one on the Australian Albums Chart. Brothers in Arms was the first album certified 10-times platinum in the UK[2] and is the eighth-best-selling album in UK chart history, is certified nine-times platinum in the United States, and is one of the world's best-selling albums, having sold over 30 million copies worldwide.[3][4][5][6]<br /> <br /> The album won two Grammy Awards in 1986, and also won Best British Album at the 1987 Brit Awards.[7][8] Q magazine placed the album at number 51 in its list of the 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.[9] Brothers in Arms would become Dire Straits' final album until they reunited and recorded 1991's On Every Street.</li> </ul> <p>1, So Far Away, 3:59, 2, Money for Nothing, 7:04, 3, Walk of Life, 4:07, 4, Your Latest Trick, 4:46, 5, Why Worry, 5:22, 6, Ride Across the River, 6:57, 7, The Man’s Too Strong, 4:40, 8, One World, 3:40, 9, Brothers in Arms, 7:00</p> Blues Rock Pop Rock Walk on the Wild Side: The Best of Lou Reed <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=LouReed-Walk_on_the_Wild_Side.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : Lou Reed</li> <li>Publication date : 1977</li> <li>Duration : 41:19</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : RCA</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 10/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Walk on the Wild Side: The Best of Lou Reed is the first greatest hits compilation by Lou Reed, formerly of The Velvet Underground. It was issued by RCA Records after Reed's first contract with them ended in 1976. Issued on compact disc on October 25, 1990. The album cover features photos by Mick Rock of Reed and then-girlfriend Rachel. [3]<br /> <br /> &quot;Walk on the Wild Side&quot; is a song by Lou Reed from his second solo album, Transformer (1972). It was produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson, and released as a double A-side with &quot;Perfect Day&quot;. The song received wide radio coverage, despite its touching on taboo topics such as transsexuality, drugs, male prostitution, and oral sex. In the United States, RCA released the single using an edited version of the song without the reference to oral sex.</li> </ul> <p>1, Satellite of Love, 3:43, 2, Wild Child, 4:38, 3, I Love You, 2:19, 4, How Do You Think It Feels, 3:08, 5, New York Telephone Conversation, 1:31, 6, Walk on the Wild Side, 4:14, 7, Sweet Jane, 3:39, 8, White Light/White Heat, 5:17, 9, Sally Can't Dance, 2:56, 10, Nowhere at All, 3:13, 11, Coney Island Baby, 6:36</p> Blues Rock Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=JohnMayall-Blues_Breakers_With_Eric_Clapton.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : John Mayall Blues Breakers</li> <li>Publication date : 1966</li> <li>Duration : 37:43</li> <li>Origin : Collectie</li> <li>Label : London Records</li> <li>Compositor : Various</li> <li>Producer : N/A</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : -</li> </ul> <p>1, All Your Love, 3:37, 2, Hideaway, 3:17, 3, Little Girl, 2:36, 4, Another Man, 1:47, 5, Double Crossing Time, 3:03, 6, What’d I Say, 4:30, 7, Key to Love, 2:07, 8, Parchman Farm, 2:24, 9, Have You Heard, 5:57, 10, Ramblin’ on My Mind, 3:10, 11, Steppin’ Out, 2:31, 12, It Ain’t Right, 2:42</p> Blues British Blues Blues Rock The Best Of <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Doors-The_Best_Of.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Doors</li> <li>Publication date : 1976</li> <li>Duration : 0:00</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Elektra Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : THE DOORS The Best Of The Doors (US Columbia Record Club issue 11-track compilation vinyl LP including Riders On The Storm, Light My Fire Love Her Madly and People Are Strange, pasted picture sleeve</li> </ul> <p>Error : unknown "" field</p> Blues Rock L.A. Woman <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=Doors-L.A._Woman.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Doors</li> <li>Publication date : 1971</li> <li>Duration : 48:46</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Elektra</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : A. Woman is het zesde album van The Doors, en werd uitgebracht in april 1971. Dit is het laatste studioalbum waarop Jim Morrison nog te horen is. Drie maanden na het verschijnen van de plaat overleed hij in zijn badkamer in Parijs.<br /> <br /> De baspartijen zijn gespeeld door Jerry Scheff, bassist van Elvis tijdens diens Vegas shows. Jim Morrison zou hem hiervoor hebben gevraagd omdat hij een groot Elvis fan was. Er wordt gezegd dat Scheff als vast lid tot de band zou toetreden. De dood van Morisson maakte hier echter een vroegtijdig einde aan.<br /> <br /> Het album is in 2000 ook verschenen op dvd-audio, waarbij de oorspronkelijke mixtapes zijn gebruikt. Deze heruitgave in surround sound werd eveneens geproduceerd door Bruce Botnick.[1][2]</li> </ul> <p>1, The Changeling, 4:21, 2, Love Her Madly, 3:20, 3, Been Down So Long, 4:41, 4, Cars Hiss by My Window, 4:12, 5, L.A. Woman, 7:55, 6, L’America, 4:37, 7, Hyacinth House, 3:11, 8, Crawling King Snake, 5:00, 9, The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat), 4:16, 10, Riders on the Storm, 7:09</p> Blues Rock Goats Head Soup <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Goats_Head_Soup.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1973-08-31</li> <li>Duration : 46:45</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Rolling Stones Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Goats Head Soup is the 11th British and 13th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in August 1973. Like its predecessor, Exile on Main St., the band composed and recorded it outside of the United Kingdom due to tax issues. <br /> Goats Head Soup was recorded in Jamaica and the Netherlands. <br /> The album contained 10 tracks, all written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, including lead single &quot;Angie&quot;, which went to No. 1 as a single in the United States and top 5 in the UK. Goats Head Soup received positive reviews and achieved number one chart positions in the UK, US, and several other World markets. <br /> The album was remastered and released in 1994 and again in 2009 by Virgin Records and Universal Music respectively.</li> </ul> <p>1, Dancing With Mr. D., 4:50, 2, 100 Years Ago, 3:56, 3, Coming Down Again, 5:53, 4, Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), 3:26, 5, Angie, 4:31, 6, Silver Train, 4:27, 7, Hide Your Love, 4:12, 8, Winter, 5:29, 9, Can You Hear the Music, 5:31, 10, Star Star, 4:25</p> Blues Rock Tattoo You <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Tattoo_You.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1981</li> <li>Duration : 42:32</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : EMI Electrola GmbH</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Tattoo You is the 16th British and 18th American studio album by the Rolling Stones, released in 1981. <br /> The follow-up to Emotional Rescue (1980), the album is mostly composed of studio outtakes recorded during the 1970s, and contains one of the band's most well-known songs, &quot;Start Me Up&quot;, which hit second place on the United States's Billboard singles charts.<br /> <br /> The album proved to be both a critical and commercial success upon release, reaching the top of the Billboard charts, selling more than four million copies in the United States alone and over 8.5 million copies worldwide.[1] It was also the final Rolling Stones album to reach the top position of the US charts, thus concluding the band's string of number-one albums there, dating back to 1971's Sticky Fingers.</li> </ul> <p>1, Start Me Up, 3:32, 2, Hang Fire, 2:22, 3, Slave, 4:53, 4, Little T + A, 3:24, 5, Black Limousine, 3:31, 6, Neighbours, 3:31, 7, Worried About You, 5:15, 8, Tops, 3:45, 9, Heaven, 4:21, 10, No Use in Crying, 3:24, 11, Waiting on a Friend, 4:34</p> Blues Rock Rolled Gold: The Very Best of the Rolling Stones <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Rolled_Gold.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1975</li> <li>Duration : 97:44</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Decca Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : Rolled Gold: The Very Best of the Rolling Stones is a compilation album by The Rolling Stones released without the band's authorisation by its former label Decca Records in 1975. It is a double album that reached No. 7 on the UK chart and was a strong seller over the years.</li> </ul> <p>1, Come On, 1:50, 2, I Wanna Be Your Man, 1:43, 3, Not Fade Away, 1:49, 4, Carol, 2:35, 5, It’s All Over Now, 3:20, 6, Little Red Rooster, 3:01, 7, Time Is on My Side, 2:50, 8, The Last Time, 3:25, 9, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, 3:45, 10, Get Off of My Cloud, 2:55, 11, 19th Nervous Breakdown, 3:55, 12, As Tears Go By, 2:33, 13, Under My Thumb, 3:42, 14, Lady Jane, 3:06, 15, Out of Time, 5:59, 16, Paint It Black, 3:15, 17, Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing in the Shadow?, 2:33, 18, Let’s Spend the Night Together, 3:15, 19, Ruby Tuesday, 3:12, 20, Yesterday’s Papers, 2:04, 21, We Love You, 4:39, 22, She’s a Rainbow, 4:35, 23, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 3:40, 24, Honky Tonk Women, 3:00, 25, Sympathy for the Devil, 6:25, 26, Street Fighting Man, 3:16, 27, Midnight Rambler, 6:52, 28, Gimme Shelter, 4:30</p> Blues Rock Black and Blue <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Black_and_Blue.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1986</li> <li>Duration : 41:24</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : CBS</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : -</li> </ul> <p>1, Hot Stuff, 5:21, 2, Hand of Fate, 4:27, 3, Cherry Oh Baby, 3:57, 4, Memory Motel, 7:09, 5, Hey Negrita, 4:59, 6, Melody, 5:49, 7, Fool to Cry, 5:05, 8, Crazy Mama, 4:34</p> Blues Rock The Rolling Stones <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-The_Rolling_Stones.jpg&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1964-04-17</li> <li>Duration : 33:24</li> <li>Origin : Holland</li> <li>Label : Decca Records</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : hfl 8,90 bij Vendet</li> </ul> <p>1, (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66, 2:25, 2, I Just Wanna Make Love to You, 2:21, 3, Honest I Do, 2:14, 4, Mona (I Need You Baby), 3:38, 5, Now I’ve Got a Witness (Like Uncle Phil and Uncle Gene), 2:34, 6, Little by Little, 2:44, 7, I’m a King Bee, 2:39, 8, Carol, 2:38, 9, Tell Me (You’re Coming Back), 3:52, 10, Can I Get a Witness, 2:59, 11, You Can Make It If You Try, 2:06, 12, Walking the Dog, 3:10</p> Blues Rock Some Girls <img style="float:right" src=";collec=0&amp;img=RST-Some_Girls.png&amp;x=1000&amp;y=120" /> <ul> <li>Artist : The Rolling Stones</li> <li>Publication date : 1978</li> <li>Duration : 40:45</li> <li>Origin : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Label : Pathé Marconi EMI</li> <li>Compositor : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Producer : Error : unknown "" field</li> <li>Added by : 08/12/2017</li> <li>Comments : -</li> </ul> <p>1, Miss You, 4:48, 2, When the Whip Comes Down, 4:21, 3, Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me), 4:38, 4, Some Girls, 4:36, 5, Lies, 3:11, 6, Far Away Eyes, 4:23, 7, Respectable, 3:07, 8, Before They Make Me Run, 3:25, 9, Beast of Burden, 4:25, 10, Shattered, 3:47</p> Blues Rock