Back to the Egg


Artist: Wings
Label: Columbia
Year: 1979
Genre: Beatles
URL: http://musicbrainz.org/release/1f483ee3-fc45-46bb-a6d2-d4ca25bf4ae0.html##MusicBrainz
Composer: McCartney, Paul
Producer: McCartney, Paul


Title Artist Length
Reception Wings 1:04::Wings
Getting Closer Wings 3:21::Wings
We’re Open Tonight Wings 1:27::Wings
Spin It On Wings 2:11::Wings
Again and Again and Again Wings 3:30::Wings
Old Siam, Sir Wings 4:08::Wings
Arrow Through Me Wings 3:33::Wings
Rockestra Theme Wings 2:30::Wings
To You Wings 3:11::Wings
After the Ball / Million Miles Wings 3:56::Wings
Winter Rose / Love Awake Wings 4:54::Wings
Broadcast, The Wings 1:27::Wings
So Glad to See You Here Wings 3:17::Wings
Baby’s Request Wings 2:47::Wings


Rating: 5 stars
Purchase Date: 26/12/2017
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Back to the Egg is the seventh and final studio album by the British-American band Wings, released in 1979 on Columbia Records in America, and on Parlophone in the UK. Co-produced by Chris Thomas, the album reflects band leader Paul McCartney's embracing of contemporary musical trends such as new wave and punk, and marked the arrival of new Wings members Laurence Juber and Steve Holley. Back to the Egg adopts a loose conceptual theme around the idea of a working band, and its creation coincided with a period of considerable activity for the group, which included making a return to touring and work on several television and film projects. Recording for the album began in June 1978 and lasted for almost a year. The sessions took place at Spirit of Ranachan Studios in Scotland, Lympne Castle in Kent, London's Abbey Road Studios, and Replica Studio – the last of which McCartney built as an exact replica of Abbey Road's Studio Two when the latter became unavailable. Wings returned to Abbey Road in March 1979 to complete the album, before filming a series of promotional videos in Lympne and elsewhere, for what became the Back to the Egg TV special. Back to the Egg received unfavourable reviews from the majority of critics, with Rolling Stone magazine deriding it as "the sorriest grab bag of dreck in recent memory".[1] Although the album charted in the top ten around the world and was certified platinum in the United States, it was viewed as a commercial failure relative to previous Wings releases, particularly in light of the generous financial terms under which McCartney had signed with CBS-owned Columbia Records. Of its singles – "Old Siam, Sir", "Getting Closer" and "Arrow Through Me" – only "Getting Closer" made the top 20 in Britain or America. The song "Rockestra Theme", recorded with a cast of guest musicians from bands such as the Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance in 1980. Wings toured the UK in support of the album, but the planned world tour ended in January 1980, when McCartney was arrested in Japan for possession of drugs. The group disbanded early the following year. Back to the Egg was reissued in 1993, with bonus tracks, and in 2007 for iTunes, with the addition of Wings' 1979 non-album single "Goodnight Tonight", in its extended form.