Best of Bread, The


Artist: Bread
Label: Elektra
Year: 1973
Genre: Soft Rock
URL: https://music.douban.com/subject/33834598/##Douban
Composer: Gates; Griffin; Royer
Producer: Gate, David


Title Artist Length
Make It With You Bread 3:15::Bread
Too Much Love Bread 2:45::Bread
If Bread 2:33::Bread
Let Your Love Go Bread 2:25::Bread
Everything I Own Bread 3:06::Bread
Been Too Long On The Road Bread 3:49::Bread
Baby I'm-A Want You Bread 2:25::Bread
Down On My Knees Bread 2:44::Bread
It Don't Matter To Me Bread 2:41::Bread
Mother Freedom Bread 2:45::Bread
Look What You've Done Bread 3:10::Bread
Truckin' Bread 2:31::Bread


Rating: 5 stars
Purchase Date: 13/11/2020
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Keywords: Pop-Rock
Location: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Best_of_Bread


Op deze LP zijn de Labels verwisseld! Kant 1 = Kant 2 The Best of Bread, is the definitive single-disc collection of Bread's hits, spanning 12 tracks and all of the group's hits, including lesser-known hits that didn't reach the heights of "Make It with You," "Everything I Own," "If," or "Baby I'm a Want You." Though this isn't as comprehensive as Rhino's double-disc set -- which means it doesn't contain the David Gates solo cuts that the first one does -- it still provides most casual listeners with all the Bread they'd need, in a highly listenable fashion, too. In addition to the usual 2 channel stereo version the album was also released by Elektra in a 4 channel quadraphonic version in 1973. The quadraphonic version was released on LP record, 8-track tape and reel to reel tape. The quadraphonic LP was encoded using the Quadradisc system. The 2001 CD re-issue by Rhino has eight additional tracks including several from the 1974 album The Best of Bread, Volume 2, along with the November 1976 single Lost Without Your Love. In 2015 Audio Fidelity released the 12 song album on the Super Audio CD format. This edition contains both stereo and quadraphonic mixes.