Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player


Artist: Elton John
Label: MCA Records
Year: 1972
Genre: Pop Rock
URL: http://musicbrainz.org/release/1c209603-0a3e-4935-891b-27474d4e3663.html##MusicBrainz
Composer: Diamond, Neil
Producer: Catalano, Tom


Title Artist Length
Daniel Elton John 3:53::Elton John
Teacher I Need You Elton John 4:10::Elton John
Elderberry Wine Elton John 3:32::Elton John
Blues for Baby and Me Elton John 5:42::Elton John
Midnight Creeper Elton John 3:53::Elton John
Have Mercy on the Criminal Elton John 5:58::Elton John
I’m Going to Be a Teenage Idol Elton John 3:56::Elton John
Texan Love Song Elton John 3:32::Elton John
Crocodile Rock Elton John 3:57::Elton John
High Flying Bird Elton John 4:13::Elton John
Soggy Pretzels Neil Diamond 2:49::Neil Diamond
And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind Neil Diamond 4:25::Neil Diamond
Shilo Neil Diamond 3:17::Neil Diamond
Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon Neil Diamond 2:36::Neil Diamond
Play Me Neil Diamond 4:22::Neil Diamond
Canta Libre Neil Diamond 4:53::Neil Diamond
Morningside Neil Diamond 5:17::Neil Diamond
Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond 4:36::Neil Diamond
Cracklin' Rosie Neil Diamond 2:38::Neil Diamond
Holly Holy Neil Diamond 5:23::Neil Diamond
I Am . . . I Said Neil Diamond 4:33::Neil Diamond
Walk Off/Soolaimon Neil Diamond 1:13::Neil Diamond
Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show Neil Diamond 8:14::Neil Diamond
Encore Neil Diamond 1:17::Neil Diamond


Rating: 4 stars
Purchase Date: 08/12/2017
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Keywords: Rock; Pop 70's
Location: https://www.discogs.com/release/16266042-Neil-Diamond-Hot-August-Night##Discogs


Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player is the sixth studio album by Elton John.[4] Released by DJM Records, it was John's sixth normal studio album release, and was his second straight No. 1 album in the US, yielding his first No. 1 single in both the US and Canada: "Crocodile Rock".[5] "Daniel" was also a major hit from the album, giving him his second Canadian No. 1 single on the RPM Top Singles Chart[6] and just missing the top slot south of the border, still reaching a successful No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reaching No. 4 in the UK, one place higher than achieved by "Crocodile Rock".