Legacy of the Blues, Volume 6, The


Artist: Big Joe Williams
Label: Sonet
Year: 1972
Genre: Blues
URL: http://musicbrainz.org/release/d9c9e55f-3970-4420-a0cb-836cdd91508d.html##MusicBrainz


Title Artist Length
I've Been Wrong but I'll Be Right Big Joe Williams 3:20::Big Joe Williams
Black Gal You're Sure Looking Warm Big Joe Williams 2:36::Big Joe Williams
When I First Left Home Big Joe Williams 3:12::Big Joe Williams
Little Annie Mae Big Joe Williams 2:03::Big Joe Williams
Levee Break Blues Big Joe Williams 1:57::Big Joe Williams
Hang It Up on the Wall Big Joe Williams 2:23::Big Joe Williams
Lone Wolf Big Joe Williams 2:29::Big Joe Williams
This Heavy Stuff of Mine Big Joe Williams 2:33::Big Joe Williams
Tell My Mother Big Joe Williams 2:28::Big Joe Williams
Big Fat Mama Big Joe Williams 2:49::Big Joe Williams
Back on My Feet Big Joe Williams 3:22::Big Joe Williams
Jefferson and Franklin Blues Big Joe Williams 2:49::Big Joe Williams


Rating: 5 stars
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Joseph Lee "Big Joe" Williams (October 16, 1903 – December 17, 1982)[2] was an American Delta blues guitarist, singer and songwriter,[1] notable for the distinctive sound of his nine-string guitar. Performing over four decades, he recorded the songs "Baby Please Don't Go", "Crawlin' King Snake" and "Peach Orchard Mama", among many others, for various record labels, including Bluebird, Delmark, Okeh, Prestige and Vocalion.[3] He was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on October 4, 1992.[4] The blues historian Barry Lee Pearson (Sounds Good to Me: The Bluesman's Story, Virginia Piedmont Blues) described Williams's performance: When I saw him playing at Mike Bloomfield's "blues night" at the Fickle Pickle, Williams was playing an electric nine-string guitar through a small ramshackle amp with a pie plate nailed to it and a beer can dangling against that. When he played, everything rattled but Big Joe himself. The total effect of this incredible apparatus produced the most buzzing, sizzling, African-sounding music I have ever heard.[3]