Red Rose Speedway


Artist: Wings
Label: Apple Records
Year: 1973
Genre: Beatles
URL: http://musicbrainz.org/release/7d2f1676-88c0-48fd-8cb3-b0df188a95e3.html##MusicBrainz
Composer: McCartney, Paul
Producer: McCartney, Paul


Title Artist Length
Big Barn Bed Wings 3:50::Wings
My Love Wings 4:06::Wings
Get on the Right Thing Wings 4:16::Wings
Only One More Kiss Wings 2:30::Wings
Little Lamb Dragonfly Wings 6:18::Wings
Single Pigeon Wings 1:54::Wings
When the Night Wings 3:35::Wings
Loup (First Indian on the Moon) Wings 4:22::Wings
Medley: Hold Me Tight / Lazy Dynamite / Hands of Love / Power Cut Wings 11:07::Wings


Rating: 5 stars
Purchase Date: 26/12/2017
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Red Rose Speedway is the second album by Paul McCartney and Wings and the fourth by McCartney since leaving the Beatles. The album was released in 1973 after the relatively weak commercial performance of McCartney's previous, Wild Life, which had been credited to Wings. Red Rose Speedway reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States and "My Love" was a No. 1 single in the US and the most popular track from the album. Background In early 1972, McCartney decided to expand Wings to a five-piece band, by adding another guitarist, and to begin touring with the group.[1] The group spent several months on the road across Europe, beginning with a tour of British universities.[1] Despite not releasing an album in 1972, Wings managed to release three singles: "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" which was banned by the BBC for political reasons;[2] "Mary Had a Little Lamb"; and "Hi, Hi, Hi", which was banned by the BBC for drug references and sexually suggestive lyrics.[nb 1][1]