Sold For Prevention Of Disease Only


Artist: Wilderness Road
Label: Warner Bros
Year: 1974
Genre: Psychedelic Rock


Title Artist Length
Pot Of Gold Wilderness Road 3:07::Wilderness Road
Rock Garden Wilderness Road 3:56::Wilderness Road
A.M.A. Wilderness Road 3:29::Wilderness Road
What Key Does The Lord Sing In? Wilderness Road ::Wilderness Road
Sunday, Sunday Wilderness Road ::Wilderness Road
Mouth Jive Wilderness Road ::Wilderness Road
Heavily Into Jesus Wilderness Road ::Wilderness Road
Reno Wilderness Road 3:57::Wilderness Road
Bored Wilderness Road 5:06::Wilderness Road
Long Winter Wilderness Road 3:58::Wilderness Road
Authentic British Blues, The Wilderness Road 4:30::Wilderness Road


Rating: 2 stars
Purchase Date: 08/12/2017
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Location: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilderness_Road_(band)


Wilderness Road was a rock band founded in 1968 by musicians Warren Leming, Nate Herman, and relatives Andy and Tom Haban. The group, which performed an elaborate stage show, drew on American folklore, and was active in the Anti-War, and Peace Movements of the late Sixties and early Seventies central to Chicago's counterculture movement of the period. Wilderness Road released two albums, Wilderness Road and Sold for the Prevention of Disease Only, and the group was originally formed to raise money for the Chicago Seven.[7] The band also held staged events in the early 1970s such as the "Passover-Easter Spectacular" and "The Last Brunch",[8] and also made commercials for places like "Spinoza's Torah Center".[9] The music is still excellent but the release is slightly spoiled by poor inlay notes. When it was first released I saw the recording not as a work of art, but as a piece of pure entertainment and that is how I still see it. Check out the Wilderness Road website for some more superb music. All we need now is a re-release of the first album possibly with some (or all) of the unreleased tracks.