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Artist: Yardbirds
Label: Charly Records
Year: 1974
Genre: Blues; Blues Rock


Title Artist Length
For Your Love Yardbirds 2:27::Yardbirds
Evil Hearted You Yardbirds 2:25::Yardbirds
I'm Not Talking Yardbirds 2:33::Yardbirds
Steeled Blues Yardbirds 2:38::Yardbirds
I'm A Man Yardbirds 2:37::Yardbirds
I Wish You Would Yardbirds 2:17::Yardbirds
My Girl Sloopy Yardbirds 5:37::Yardbirds
Heart Full Of Soul Yardbirds 2:28::Yardbirds
Still I'm Sad Yardbirds 3:00::Yardbirds
Shapes Of Things Yardbirds 2:25::Yardbirds
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl Yardbirds 2:45::Yardbirds
New York City Blues Yardbirds 4:17::Yardbirds
Mr. You're A Better Man Than I Yardbirds 3:18::Yardbirds
Got To Hurry Yardbirds 2:20::Yardbirds


Rating: 5 stars
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From their beginnings in 1962–1963 until their breakup in 1968, the Yardbirds released one studio album, one live album, nine singles, and two EPs in their native United Kingdom (a second live album with the Yardbirds serving as a back-up band for Sonny Boy Williamson II and a soundtrack album for which they contributed one song were also released during this period). As was the practice in the UK at the time, the Yardbirds' singles (except one) and their first EP were not released on albums. In the US (where albums included singles), the Yardbirds released an additional two albums, a second studio album, a greatest hits album, and four additional singles. Demos for two songs recorded in 1963 were later released as a single in the Netherlands and Germany[1] and a single recorded for the Italian market was released during this period.[2] Since their breakup in 1968, a number of new albums have appeared. Besides numerous compilations, albums featuring additional live recordings and various demos and outtakes from 1963–1968 have been released. Since 1999, several recordings by the reconstituted Yardbirds have been released.[3]