Through the Barricades


Artist: Spandau Ballet
Label: Epic
Year: 1986
Genre: New Romantic; New Wave; Pop
URL: http://musicbrainz.org/release/54554db4-dc08-42ba-9a0f-fa9c5a4949bf.html##MusicBrainz


Title Artist Length
Barricades – Introduction Spandau Ballet 1:16::Spandau Ballet
Cross the Line Spandau Ballet 4:07::Spandau Ballet
Man in Chains Spandau Ballet 5:40::Spandau Ballet
How Many Lies? Spandau Ballet 5:21::Spandau Ballet
Virgin Spandau Ballet 4:23::Spandau Ballet
Fight for Ourselves Spandau Ballet 4:22::Spandau Ballet
Swept Spandau Ballet 4:53::Spandau Ballet
Snakes and Lovers Spandau Ballet 4:36::Spandau Ballet
Through the Barricades Spandau Ballet 5:57::Spandau Ballet


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Through the Barricades is the fifth studio album by Spandau Ballet. It was released in November 1986 by Epic Records. The album reached number seven and remained on the UK album chart for 19 weeks. It produced three UK hit singles: "Fight For Ourselves" (#15), "How Many Lies" (#34) and the band's final top ten hit, "Through the Barricades" (#6).[2] The song lyrics were inspired by love prevailing over the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the death of a member of the crew in the Troubles. In a mainly critical review for AllMusic, Dan LeRoy claimed: "Rocking up Spandau Ballet's smooth white-boy soul, Through the Barricades manages to avoid utter disaster via the tuneful creations of songwriter/guitarist Gary Kemp." LeRoy argued "the production and mix prove the undoing of this effort. Most of the tunes demand guitar and drum bombast; instead, the riff-rocking Cross the Line and Fight for Ourselves, in particular, are undercut by the polite-sounding rhythm section." However, he praised the title-track, which he said "became a deserved hit."[1]